Havuclu Kek (Turkish Carrot & Walnut Cake)

Havuclu KekWhen I started this blog barely a week ago, I thought of including delicious cuisines as part of my blog, and catalogue the foods that have left an impression with me. As the year draws to a close, I was reminded of past events, and thought of sharing my experience with this one food that seems to befit the year of 2013.

This food is a simple cake, one I have attempted to make as a blend of carrot, lemon, and walnut cake based on a Turkish recipe call Havuclu Kek. I have made minor adjustments to the traditional recipe in terms of the ingredients used to make it fluffier and moister. The recipe I would recommend is this:

A few words on Responsibility

responsibilityRecently I decided to pay a rare visit to the cinema to watch “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug”, based on the work of one of my favourite writers of all time, J. R. R. Tolkien. I left the cinema with mixed feelings about the movie, but today’s post is not about the movie; rather it is about a small incidence that happened after the movie ended. As the credits started to roll, most of the audience started to get up and leave; not me. I decided to stay back for a little while longer trying to see if there were any surprises left after the credits. After my curiosity have been satisfied, I got up and went straight to the bathroom: you know how close-to-3-hours-long movies tend to do these things to you.

On my way there, i saw a group of youngsters just ahead of me. One of them remarked to another: “Why do you even bring it out, just leave it”, the other guy obeyed and left a cup of soft drink (presumably empty) on the floor. Now, I wasn’t about to lecture them just because that guy littered, for all I care they can do whatever they want as long as no one’s brought to harm’s way; but I didn’t feel like leaving the cup there either: they were like five steps away from the bathroom, and a few more steps to the garbage can. I walked up, determined to pick up that cup and leave it at where it’s supposed to be – until someone beat me to it. A guy walked out of the bathroom, saw the cup, picked it up, and went back into the bathroom to throw it inside the garbage can. Having no other distractions to detract me, I happily heeded the nature’s call.

3 Ways to Multiltask More Efficiently: Divide, Focus, and Conquer

multitasking-mind_1According to this research, our minds are not well suited to multitask; rather, we switch our attention from one task to another so well that we think we are paying attention to multiple things at once. That in itself is good for us, as the things we wanted to do are seemingly never ending and there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to pull them all off. So, being able to handle and complete multiple tasks are better than just focusing on a single task, right? Well, to a certain extent that is true – until we bit off more than we can chew, then things could get nasty.

Fortunately, there are ways to increase your capability to ‘multitask’ while still maintaining efficiency in each individual task. But, a word of caution before we move on further: despite the fluency we can switch our attention from one task to another, trying to multitasks means your attention will get spread out, your task effectiveness will likely be reduced, and you are more prone to mistakes. So, when you’re faced with multiple tasks at hand, dealing with them one at a time is going to save you a lot of trouble, and at the end of the day, probably more efficient too. Nevertheless, for those of you who would like to try, here’s three ways to multitasks more efficiently.

There and Back Again

pen and paper After a long hiatus, I have finally decided to pick up blogging again. It feels good to start writing and to put one’s thoughts into words, crystallizing your feelings, ideas, and experience into one cohesive flow, and cataloging them for future amusement. I owe my renewed inspiration to Buffer’s blog, and to this post in particular for providing great tips to start writing again. But that is worth a post on its own.

It certainly is difficult to start writing again after neglecting it for such a long time, but there’s no fooling myself: however experienced a writer, there will be times when the words just don’t come. Luckily for me, now is not such a time. I may have stopped writing, but you can never stop your thoughts. Over the years, ideas and thoughts have formed and forgotten, emotions bottled up and left sitting in a corner like old wine, but through it all something remains. Oh yes, I have things to write, and I couldn’t be happier. For now, I shall write.