There and Back Again

pen and paper After a long hiatus, I have finally decided to pick up blogging again. It feels good to start writing and to put one’s thoughts into words, crystallizing your feelings, ideas, and experience into one cohesive flow, and cataloging them for future amusement. I owe my renewed inspiration to Buffer’s blog, and to this post in particular for providing great tips to start writing again. But that is worth a post on its own.

It certainly is difficult to start writing again after neglecting it for such a long time, but there’s no fooling myself: however experienced a writer, there will be times when the words just don’t come. Luckily for me, now is not such a time. I may have stopped writing, but you can never stop your thoughts. Over the years, ideas and thoughts have formed and forgotten, emotions bottled up and left sitting in a corner like old wine, but through it all something remains. Oh yes, I have things to write, and I couldn’t be happier. For now, I shall write.


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