On The Journey

The movie is about the journey of life, with two major stories intertwined throughout the movie. One is about a recently married young couple (Benji: played by Ben Andrew Pfeiffer; and Bee: played by 尤凤音) returning to the Bee’s hometown, seeking to reconcile with her father (Quan: played by 李世平) and receive his blessing on their marriage; the other is about life-long friendships and how the unexpected happen when we least expect it.

The two young souls had to go through a harrowing journey filled with the opposition of the parent, the disconnection between different cultures, the discontentment with the past, and the fright of marriage, before they came to the realization that sometimes, there are people that you love so much that you are willing to give yourselves up to make them happy. This realization made them aware of the silliness of fighting over little things, so they each took a step back, gave in to each other, and went on to swear the oath and begin a new journey in life.

On the other hand, Quan has a bunch of close friends that he had known for upwards of 50 years. One of the happiest things in life is meeting old friends and find out that your relationship hasn’t change one bit, and it wasn’t any different here. What’s different, is age. Time stops for no one, as Quan finds out the hard way. On his ‘tour’ to send out invitations to his daughter’s wedding personally (along with Benji, that is), he met his estranged best friend. No, estranged may not be exact word: they are still best buddies, but sometimes bestie tend to bickered with one another precisely because of their closeness, and in their case, the bickering was virtually non-stop. So it came as no surprise they did not depart with goodwill this time round.


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