On The Journey

The unexpected came when Quan heard his best friend passed away. It’s like a wake up call to him. He started to see things differently, and realized that Bee, his only daughter – and his only family member left – is his most precious thing in the world, and Benji is as good a son-in-law as he can hoped. So, he cast aside his mistrust toward Benji, and decided to ask him for help in making a memorable farewell to his late best friend by fulfilling his life-long dream, that of building and flying on a giant, solar-powered hot air balloon. Benji rallied a massive crowd to help build the solar balloon, and after much hard work, the project was a success! Content and relieved of the burden of not being able to wish his best friend goodbye one last time, Quan happily offers his blessing to the newly wedded.

Alright I know it’s mostly summary, so I’ll write a lil’ bit of what I thought of the movie: For starters, there’s no filler in the movie, every scene is carefully crafted, subtle in execution yet very effective in bringing out the underlying current of emotions flowing. From the moment the movie played, I’m hooked on to it till the last minute. The music, the story, the laughter, the challenge, they all merged together to form a cohesive flow of story telling not unlike that of a classic fairy tale. It transformed an ordinary story into a heart-warming, tear-jerking tale of life. It’s filled with slangs of various languages, so you may not always comprehend what is being said. But, you don’t need words to touch one’s heart. This movie is one of those rare gem that pulled it off. If you get the chance to watch this movie, I highly recommend you to do so.

I’ll end my post with this line: Life moves on, so cherish the present like there is no tomorrow, for every moment is precious. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

*image credits to this page.

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