Small Steps Make All the Difference: 5 Simple Steps to Build a New Habit

James Clear nailed it:

  • Want to build an exercise habit? …exercise for 1 minute today.
  • Want to start a writing habit? …write three sentences today.
  • Want to create a healthy eating habit? …eat one healthy meal this week.

James Clear wrote many good articles on how to transform our habits for the better, and one of the best advice I’ve gotten from him is that, to build a new habit, we simply need to start acting on it without thinking too much. In the end, it’s your cumulative work that counts, so you’ll be better off by stretching your body for 3 minutes in between your busy work schedule, than to spend hours thinking up an elaborate exercise plan that you may or may not follow. Following his advice, I have come up with five simple steps to build a new habit.

1) Start Small

James Clear used a 2-minute rule to counter procrastination, and it helps in goal setting, too. When you are to set an easy goal, think of things you can accomplish in two minutes. Wanna tone your tummy? Do 10 sit up (2 minutes). Wanna climb that hill one day? Do 10 squats (2 minutes). Wanna have a tour to France someday? Learn a word in French (2 minutes)! The beauty of this rule is that it is so simple that anyone could follow it, and before you know it, you’ll be doing more than just 2 minutes and build up a strong foundation for achieving your goal.


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