Not Tick-Tocking fast enough? Spinplasmonics might save the day…Next decade

Allow me a moment of detour and talk about the impact of this rapid progress has on us. For instance, people are complaining that our mind are unable to keep up with said progress, that we are spending less and less time processing the vast amount of information fed to us in our day-to-day life and just accept whatever information thrown at us. It is understandable, as most of these information are unlikely to be of essential need to us, so trying to sort them out to find useful information within would be really time-consuming and, at the end of the day, likely left us with a headache. So, there is a sliver of truth in saying that the computer and internet made us dumb, right? Well, I don’t disagree, but I don’t completely agree either. I see two problems here rather than just one:

  1. We are more used to relying on computers, therefore the majority of us are more comfortable with leaving the heavy-duty calculation job to the machine. Same goes with relying on internet for readily available information.
  2. The computer and information technology still has a long way to go before catching up to human’s capability.

Call me narcissistic toward the human race, but I think we are capable of much more, certainly more than what computer has to offer right now. Computers are tools, and its usefulness depends on how well we utilize them. Unfortunately, the current trend of rapid progress means that our energy is focused on rolling out the next, newer generations of technology one after another, and not so much on exploring what these new technology can do other than repeating what we’ve been doing for the past few decades. The gap between the generations are so small that we are always on the lookout for newer technology, and anything that doesn’t fit the trend got eliminated before they can say ‘we’ve gone AWOL!’

However, in my opinion, it is exactly the repetition and the false sense of need to pursue newer technology that made us numb towards our own capability and became more reliant on technology and less on ourselves. I’m not against using and applying technology in everyday life, but I feel there should be a balance to it, that our capability should match the capability of the tools in order to achieve optimum results: improvements over our life. That’s what technology meant to do, right? Right now, the computers are simply still too far behind, so when we became more reliant on it, we’re simply limiting ourselves to what we are really capable of. I’m hoping that when the technology do catch up, we can utilize it to their full potential, so we owe it to ourselves to keep up with the progress.

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