When It Turns Cold

rain2I have been thinking lately, what makes the heart beats? Now now, I’m not talking about the node signal that makes your heart pump blood, that really kills the mood, ya know? I’m thinking of the emotional heart, the one that changes its swing on the slightest whim, the one that beats without blood, and bleeds, without blood.

It just so happened that I have encountered too many a passing lately. The sorrow, the grief. For some, it may be but a fleeting moment; but for others, it may linger on. We’ve all heard the moody phrases concerning the heart: broken, bleed, smashed, splintered, frozen, harden, heavy, and what-not. One will be given 10 Nobel Prizes if such a material was found in real life, but even more amazing is that, even with all these crushing emotions, one might find the heart dancing the next moment, fluttering to the lightest tune without a care in the world. It seems then, the negative emotions came mostly from ourselves, and if we choose to let it go, if we choose to focus on positive emotions, what makes us excited, what makes us laugh, things started to seemed less dire.

So I wondered, what makes the heart beats?

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