When It Turns Cold

These little things came in all shapes and forms, but they have one thing in common: it flutters our hearts, it makes the heart beats. There’s this time when I messed up, gotten real lazy, idling by the day, then someone came along and said: “Hey, let’s have another go”. The times when we meet the best of pals, when we talked about anything and everything, and nothing was safe from a good laugh. Then there’s the dance, the light was sparkling, the dress swirling, but the dancer was dazzling, monument to the sincerity and efforts paid. When I looked back to these little things in life, I thought, it wasn’t so bad.

I forgot where I’ve heard it from, but there’s a phrase saying, that funeral is for the living, not the deceased. We pay our respect, we mourn and grief, then we move on with our lives. It’s funny how some distance makes everything seem small eh? So let it go. After all, what is a better way to see off our beloved than to live our life to the fullest?camp_fire

So, when it rains, maybe it’s just to remind us that, we need some rest. Look to the fire, burning warm and bright; turn to your desire, beyond storm and plight.

When it turns cold, we get by with whatever way we can. We lit up the fire, turn on the heater, and move on.

*rain image credits to this page; bonfire’s to this.


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