Late Night with Interesting Read “What Makes You You?”

Which leads us to the interesting part: If we could admit that two versions of ourselves that are starkly different from one another could be the same person, the same “me”, would it be possible to admit that, a different person could become “me”? If I passed on my knowledge to said person, saying a part of me is within that person may not be too far off the line; but what if I say “That is me!”? Would anyone of us accept that? That I could be You, and You, could be Me?

That reminds me of an old saying: “You can be anyone you want to be”, which I honestly think was overly-repeated for the supposedly positive vibe it gave, while its negative side was largely ignored. “How negative?” you may ask. Well, let’s make this into extremely simplified, black-and-white scenario: you could become the best possible ideal self you ever imagined you could be, and you could also turn out to be your worst possible self, the one you totally despised. “Infinite possibility” is exactly what it says, either directions are equal game.

It may sound really disheartening, but I’m looking at the “Who Am I” question with a positive eye. I guess it comes down to “I have hope in humanity”. I have hope that, whatever I’m gonna passed on will bring out more smiles than tears,  that the “me” I left behind will not become one I would despise.

So the next time people ask me “Who Are You?”, I think I’m going to answer it with “I’m whoever y’all made me to be.”

*image credits to this post.

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