I’m a freelance translator, an avid gamer, a book lover, a fan of Japanese and German culture, particularly of their focus on detail that represents their philosophy of life. I like what the Japanese say when making an acquaintance: 初めまして、これからよろしくお願いします。(Nice to make your acquaintance, here’s to a lasting and rewarding relationship) < Not literal translation, but one thing about Japanese language is that they tend to avoid being direct about things, and can be really vague when they wanted to, so the same sentence, even the same word can have many interpretations to it; that and I like this version of translation better 😉

As to what this blog is about, the tagline pretty much says it all: it is about life hacks, tips(?), personal interests, delicious cuisines, and above all, about life 🙂 I expect many posts to be made under the personal interests part, as there are a tonne of things I’m interested in.

What? I still need to buff this up a little? Okay, what about this: vonwilhelm. You may have wondered what it means. Von in the surname usually represents people of nobility in Germany, though it’s literal meaning is close to the word ‘of’. So, vonwilhelm simply means ‘of Wilhelm’, or in this case, William’s blog. The name William can trace its root back to Wilhelm, of which was named by combining ‘will’ and ‘helm’, so it can mean ‘strong helmet’, or ‘determined protector’ 🙂 I think you can tell which I preferred 😉


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